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Patrick Rezac

Founder/ Executive Director / Health Empowerment Coach

Patrick Rezac is the Founder and Executive Director of One Voice Recovery, Inc.. Patrick has been involved with non-profit organizations for 17 years working in many diverse settings. Patrick has experience working in early intervention treatment serving infants who were born addicted to drugs, and with kids who were severely abused and/or disabled. His experience also includes managing residential programs serving adults with disabilities, behavioral health within a hospital setting, as well as addiction treatment serving adults and adolescents. Patrick has worked for several years providing HIV services, facilitating wraparound teams, coordinating testing sites, developing a Peer Program and housing services for LGBT homeless youth.

Patrick was a consultant with the California Institute for Mental health, and was a key player in the development, start-up and implementation of Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) in California. Patrick has served on HIV consortiums, budget allocations, HIV inter-agency networks and safety committees in both California and Illinois. 

Patrick is an addiction survivor and he demonstrates his passion of transforming his HIV status into a mission to demolish stigma and help others to navigate the many layers of managing life with HIV. He educates people to empower themselves to prevent HIV infection and he believes it’s most important to show people through his actions; the goal is not to survive HIV... it’s to thrive with it.

Patrick is focused on culminating the best practices from the many areas within social services where he worked, or where he experienced receiving services, which were exemplary. Patrick is passionate about, and committed to, collaborating to identify new ways of supporting people, which will empower them to be strong self-advocates, who experience the best possible health outcomes.

McCall Christensen, B.S.

Programs Director of Disease Prevention Services

McCall Christensen was a Disease Investigator and Syringe Exchange Liaison with Salt Lake County Health Department. As a Disease Investigator, she educated at-risk populations about HIV, STD and Hepatitis C transmission and prevention. As the Syringe Exchange Liaison, she developed a disposal program and coordinated disposal sites for contracted Syringe Service Providers. McCall partnered and worked closely with Overdose Outreach Providers, Syringe Service Programs and others to ensure safe and successful operations and her work was critical for SSP’s in Salt Lake County.

McCall first became interested in syringe services when she joined Utah Naloxone during their syringe exchange, which served the homeless population in Salt Lake City. McCall saved a young woman’s life and reversed her overdose with one of Utah Naloxone’s rescue kits. It was during this encounter when McCall’s passion for the community matured and her belief formed: “It’s critical to help people stay alive until they are ready to get well”.

Before moving into disease investigation, McCall served as an E.M.T. for six years at Primary Children’s Hospital and she oversaw testing services at Utah AIDS Foundation.

McCall is a Certified Harm Reduction Specialist, Certified HIV / HCV Prevention and Testing Counselor and she holds a bachelors degree in Health Promotion and Education from Weber State University. 

John Anderson, M.S.

Prevention & Testing Counselor

A Salt Lake City native, John obtained his Bachelor and Master of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington where he also volunteered with the Evergreen AIDS Foundation and SeaMar to provide healthcare access to HIV+ individuals in marginalized communities. After graduation, John returned to Utah to accept his current position as a research scientist in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah School of Medicine. His research focuses on understanding the genetic architecture of severe psychiatric illness, particularly schizophrenia and suicide. John has authored several peer-reviewed scientific articles, was awarded the Outstanding Scholar Award at his university for his research, and has been invited to present at a variety of national and international conferences, including the 2018 World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics in Glasgow, Scotland. John is also an HIV counselor at the Utah AIDS Foundation and is passionate about public health, whether is its mental, physical, or emotional. 

In his free time, John is an avid skier and backpacker.

Austin Ibele, M.S.

Harm Reduction Navigator

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Emily Hacker, B.S.

Disease Prevention and Care Navigator

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Anna Thomas

Data Entry

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ONE VOICE Recovery Empowerment Group 


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