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Op-ed: "We can beat the opioid epidemic"

"The Opioid Task Force assembled experts from diverse fields, including medicine, law, treatment, recovery, law enforcement and business. It includes physicians, pharmacists, legislators, local officials, educators, persons who have recovered from addiction and families affected by it."


‘We’re dying’: Feds hear from Utahns fighting on the frontline of the state’s rural opioids crisis

“We need more capacity in these rural areas,” he said — including more treatment and detox centers. Residents in Utah’s rural areas who seek treatment often wait for days, and that delay, Rezac said, can mean the difference between getting clean and dying of an overdose.

Shunned By Some, Syringe Exchange Expands To Carbon County

"These days, the two men are allies in the opioid fight."


"Building bridges to Utah drug users through Syringe Exchanges"


"In a hidden area of trees and brush along the Jordan River, Rezac and Larson came upon a tent. Inside is a 58-year-old man named Odie who said he suffers from addiction to methamphetamine and alcohol. He’s been homeless for six months.It’s a tough life, he said of his current situation. He is thankful, however, that Rezac’s team looks in on him. The syringe exchange is critical, he said.

“It shows someone really cares.” 

"Get those dirty needles off the street"


 "such efforts are clearly much better than standing by and watching users compound their health risks by exposing themselves to not only illicit drugs but also to unintended consequences that could include HIV/AIDS or hepatitis. And, until we come up with the money and the effort — emphasis on the word “money” — to provide far more treatment options, standing by is exactly what we are doing."

"Utah’s hepatitis A outbreak among the homeless is one of three big flare-ups around the country"


"The state usually sees three or four cases annually. Now, at least that many cases are reported each week."

Deseret News

Snags for overdose-reversing drug in Utah


"If you have the two little vials, you can’t eat it. You can’t break it open and sprinkle it in your eye. You have to have a syringe, much like if a diabetic needs syringes, it’s part of a medical-attention strategy.”

ETV News - Carbon County 

Organizations Come Together For Disease Prevention Education

"Multiple organizations joined forces on Jan. 13 at the Southeastern Utah Health Department (SEUHD) to offer disease prevention education, free screenings and more. The event featured participation from the Southeastern Utah Health Department, Utah Naloxone, Four Corners Behavioral Health, One Voice Recovery and Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness"


Deseret News - In Depth

He overcame drug addiction. Now he works to save the lives of other addicts on the street

Billboard campaign works to prevent overdoses in Utah

Deseret News

Utah's AIDS crisis, then and now: From one doctor in the 1980s to the U's new free clinic

"a historical documentary by Utah-based filmmakers Jenny Mackenzie and Jared Ruga, paints a heartrending portrait of sick patients with nowhere to turn, evicted from clinic waiting rooms by staffers who were afraid they could spread the disease or exiled by their families — some of whom refused to visit the hospital even as their children lay dying."


"Recovery Soapbox" with Kamrin Carver of Brighton Recovery Center

Addiction Recovery Revolution interview 

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