One voice recovery 

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Our Mission

We strive to empower individuals and end stigmas regarding addiction, HIV, Hepatitis C and mental illness. We provide comprehensive services to support people in reaching their highest level of personal empowerment. 


All deserve compassion and respect

HIV and HCV are prevented when individuals are empowered

Disparities must be addressed to empower individuals

Recovery is a reality for individuals, families and communities

There are many pathways of recovery and all are valid

People can't be forced to recover 

Recovery is a process and not an event

Recovery thrives in empowered communities

Recovering individuals and our allies are part of the solution

Recovery gives what addiction takes


We recognize the interconnectedness of individuals, families and communities.

We celebrate diversity.

We value quality of service and active citizenship.

We advocate to end discrimination, stigma and criminalization

We strive for excellence through collaboration

We value community partnerships.

We value the willingness to dialogue

We advocate to remove barriers to any support that empowers people

We continually evaluate, monitor, and address ways to improve and evolve

We are accountable to ensure resources are used responsibly, effectively, and ethically.

We lead by example 

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