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Board of Directors

Edward Swhwartz


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Xander Gordon, L.C.S.W

Vice Chairman

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Ann Lobos, CPA


Bryer Bagwell


Bryer is a survivor of addiction, and he is an active member in the recovery community. He serves as Hospitality Chairman for CA in the Rockies, he is the head Chef at Maple Mountain Recovery.

Patrick A. Rezac

Patrick has been involved with Non-Profit organizations for 17 years and he has worked in many diverse settings. Patrick worked in early intervention treatment serving infants who were born addicted to drugs, and with kids who were severely abused and /or disabled. He managed residential programs serving adults with disabilities. He worked in a behavioral health hospital. He worked in addiction treatment serving adults and adolescents.  Patrick worked for several years in HIV services where he facilitated wraparound teams, coordinated testing sites, developed a Peer Program and housing services for LGBT homeless youth. Patrick managed a syringe exchange program and he was a consultant with the California Institute for Mental health. Additionally,   he was a Program Manager and key player in the development, start-up and implementation of Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) in California.

Patrick has served on HIV consortiums, budget allocations, HIV interagency network and safety committees and he was trained as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Patrick is an addiction survivor and he demonstrates his passion of transforming his HIV status into a mission to demolish stigma and help others to navigate the many layers of managing life with HIV. He educates people to empower themselves to prevent HIV infection and he believes its most important to show people through his actions; the goal is not to survive HIV... it’s to thrive with it. 

Patrick is focused on culminating the best practices from the many areas within social services where he worked, or where he experienced receiving services which were exemplary. Patrick is passionate about, and committed to, collaborating to identify new ways of supporting people which will empower them, rather than keep them stuck within a system of care, in a perpetual state of need for service; a state he believes to be a form of self-slavery. He is leveraging his relationships and forging new ones to pursue joint ventures, which will help define and construct recovery oriented systems of care in Utah.

Sam Plumb, MPA, MPH


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Dina Walton

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