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Red Mesa Counseling Presents A Clinical Conference for Substance Abuse Professionals

Urban Indian Center

Weekly Schedule

 ONE VOICE Recovery Empowerment Group​©


USARA in Salt Lake City - NEW DATE TBA

The Phoenix Recovery Center (private workshop in the mens program) - 1pm to 2:30pm

The Phoenix Recovery Center (private workshop in the womens program) - 3pm to 4:30pm


The ONE VOICE Recovery Empowerment Group© is grounded in the philosophy that people from every recovery pathway (program) have much in common and can benefit from sharing together. These workshops offer a space where people can share their recovery experience, focusing on empowerment,  the healing of recovery and how our lives are enriched because of it.

Individuals who are recovering, or who have recovered from any addiction and our allies, are welcome to come and share their life experience and wisdom.  People are in recovery when they say they are, and recovery is a process, therefore, people whose pathway of recovery is medically assisted, are also welcome and viewed as equally valuable.

Weekly Schedule

Syringe Services  & POINTS Community Cleanup 

 Salt Lake County 

-  Monday  -  

Mobile delivery by appointment  - 12p to 8p

call 573-305-6451

-  Tuesday  - 

Mobile delivery by appointment - 12p to 8p

call 573-305-6451

-  Wednesday  -  

POINTS Round-Up  -  11a to 12p

Mobile outreach - 12p to 8pm 

-  Thursday  

Syringe Services at VOA Youth Resource Center - 11a to 2p every other week starting 01/18/18

Drop-In Fixed Site Syringe Services (women only) - 1p to 4p every other week starting 01/11/18

 -  Friday  - 

POINTS Round-Up  -  8a to 10a

Syringe Services and Utah Naloxone Outreach - 11a to 3p - 

-  Friday  

Mobile Delivery Syringe Services - 2pm Friday through 11pm Sunday


Mobile Delivery Service. 

Please contact to be enrolled and to schedule a delivery / sharps pick-up


Utah Syringe Exchange Network (USEN)

Points - A Partnership for Community Action

A program of One Voice Recovery

Points is a community service offered by providers who are trained to handle possibly contaminated sharps and other works. If you notice a discarded syringe in our community, please don’t put yourself at risk for a needle stick injury, by attempting to pick it up yourself. We work hard to respond in a timely manner and the safety of every person in our community is most important to us.

At no time, does Points accept any liability for injuries related to the improper handling of sharps or other possibly contaminated works.

Agencies who participate in Points activities are solely responsible for their respective staff and volunteers and must adhere to their own "Security, Safety and Disposal Plan"

Please use the Points Facebook messenger to;

1.) Report areas where there are discarded syringes, needles and other works. Please leave your contact information if you wish to be contacted. Please also leave the address or information about the location you are concerned about.

2.) Report needle stick injuries, and to obtain information about where to seek post-exposure treatment and testing for communicable disease and recommended follow-up.

HIV / HCV Testing  

In home  

Contact to schedule an appointment 

Free HIV / HCV Testing. Rapid test with results in 20 mins. Linkage to care. Linkage to PrEP clinic, Peer navigation. Prevention education. Prevention Kits. Recovery Coaching and referrals...


Recovery Coach Academy (RCA)

Salt Lake City

In partnership with The Center For Addiction Recovery Training (CART), ONE VOICE Recovery is proud to present, the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy. ONE VOICE Recovery is the only agency with a certified RCA trainer in Utah.

The RCA is a 5-day intensive training that focuses on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction. The RCA is presented in a retreat like setting, and prepares participants by helping them to actively listen, ask really good questions, and discover and manage their own stuff.

RCA participants will:

Describe Recovery Coach role and functions

List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery

Build skills to enhance relationships

Explore many dimensions of recovery and recovery coaching

Discover attitudes about self disclosure and sharing your story

Understand the stages of recovery

Describe the stages of change and their applications

Increase their awareness of culture, power and privilege

Address ethical and boundary issues

Experience recovery wellness planning

Practice newly acquired skills

Space for this training will be limited to 20 people. Scholarships are available, but are reserved for two (2) people only. To be considered for a scholarship, you must; 1.) be a resident of the state of Utah and 2.) submit an essay about why you want to become a recovery coach.

The fee for the RCA is $550, which includes materials, and lunch each day. Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

30 CEU's are available upon request.

Contact Patrick Rezac for more information.

Addiction Recovery Training

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